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Richard Sarson Art & Design

October 16, 2008

Richard Sarson updates his online portfolio with some nice new projects.

Richard Sarson


Georges Rousse & the Durham Project

October 3, 2008

Although french artist Georges Rousse is a photographer, his work contains a lot of painting. His works are photographs of paintings done on buildings which are made to look like overlays of colour. From the single point perspective of rousse’s camera, his paintings are made to appear 2-dimensional. In reality you would see that the paintings are strategically done in 3 dimensions. This illusion is what makes rousse’s work so intriguing. His ‘durham’ project is currently the subject of the documentary “bending space”, a fitting tile to describe rousse’s work.

Georges Rousse

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September 22, 2008

“pajubookcity” – a 1000 sample books and 20 synchronized LCD monitors tell the story of this completely new city, built on reclaimed wetlands near the north-south border of south korea. located just 30 kilometers from seoul, it is a publishing cultural community. In the late 1980s, a group of communal-minded young idealists started the development of this area, which is now the home of 130 publishing companies, 57 printers and binders, and 160 housing units. they now look set to be joined there by the korean movie industry. It was a result of a time when in korea individuals more and more started pursuing their own personal desires, and neglected or became disinterested in creating common ground.

Venice Architectural Biennale 08 & pajubookcity

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Pop-Up Alphabet Book by Lise Bonneau

September 9, 2008

Taking a refresher course in the alphabet sounds pretty ridiculous for anyone who’s outgrown Huggies. But sometimes you’ve got to take it back to the basics—for a perspective on the ABC’s that even grown folks can appreciate, Lise Bonneauhas created a new design-forward pop-up book called Typop-Up. The coffee table-style book uses thin strips of paper to construct an elaborate 3D page for each letter and number.

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The New York Time Magazine – Motion Branding

September 2, 2008

Hello World


Psyop for Converse

July 21, 2008

To celebrate its 100th anniversary Converse has released a music video for My Drive-Thru featuring Pharrell Williams, N.E.R.D., Santogold, and Julian Casablancas. The video was created by Converse with partners including Anomaly, Cornerstone and the directing and animation talents of Psyop.

Psyop, Converse, My Drive-Thru (video)

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