Fifty Designers’ Current Favourite Typefaces

100% of the cover price goes to UNICEF’s Myanmar (Burma) Cyclone Children’s Appeal in the wake of Cyclone Nargis that hit Myanmar on 2nd May 2008.

Contributors: 2×4 Adam Hayes Alan Dye (NB: Studio) Alexandre Bettler Angus Hyland (Pentagram) Antoine+Manuel Ben Freeman Ben Parker (MadeThought) Bibliothèque Cartlidge Levene Claire Warner (Browns) Domenic Lippa (Pentagram) Daniel Eatock Daniel Lock (NB: Studio) eBoy Eike König (HORT) Experimental Jetset Farrow Fernando Gutiérrez Fuel Hector Pottie (Third Eye Design) Henrik Kubel (A2/SW/HK) Hi-ReS! Hyperkit James Goggin (Practise) James Greenfield (BB/Saunders) Jeremy Leslie (John Brown) Jerome Rigaud (Electronest) Jessica Helfand (Winterhouse) Jon Dowling (SEA Design) Jon Forss (Non-Format) Julian Morey (abc-xyz) Lionel Hatch (The Chase) Matt Simpson (Stereo) Michael C. Place (Build) Michael Johnson (Johnson Banks) Mogollon Nick Bell Paula Scher (Pentagram) Paulus M. Dreibholz Pixelgarten Ralf Metzger (North) Simon Earith (YES) Spin Stefan Sagmeister The Designers Republic Why Not Associates Wim Crouwel Zak Kyes Zamir Antonio (Eat Sleep Work/Play)



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