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October 28, 2007


Interaphics is an ongoing project that sees Osmotronic working with leading graphic designers and illustrators to produce unique interactive posters using screen-printed conductive inks, proprietary electronics and software. The London Design Festival 2007 saw the first exhibition of Interaphic posters, at the Aram Gallery in Londonin colaboration with Build and graphic designer Danny Sangra. You can buy the Poster in Blanca.


λ/lambda/from Speiron

October 28, 2007


Giorgos Kolliopoulos and Corina Michaelidou created their first product for their company Speiron. A unique ultra premium extra virgin olive oil. The most stunning olive oil in the world.


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Pixel It

October 23, 2007


A poster with an alterable structure to display messages – a visually professional and attention grabbing alternative to messy blackboard writings.“Pixel It consists of two layers of paper. Cuts on the white outer layer allow the user to fold parts out and therefore create a “Pixel-Structure” by showing the coloured layer underneath.

Jessica Nebel

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Catch 22 – Will Perrens

October 23, 2007


A film about Stuttering.

Will Perrens

Damien Poulain

October 23, 2007


Damien Poulain is a french graphic designer and art director who has lived and worked in Germany, Spain and Italy before recently settling in East London where he founded his practice in 2003.


Happy People by Alexandre Bettler

October 23, 2007


A book about life in a small Swiss design agency.
 Alexandre is a freelance graphic / object and social designer based in London.

Alexandre Bettler