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Claire Skully – The Quiet Revolution

September 28, 2007


The quiet revolution is the body of work by London based Illustrator Claire Scully inspired by the conflicting and harmonious relationships the urban environment has with the natural world.

The Quiet Revolution 

23rd International Biennale of Graphic Design Brno 2008

September 24, 2007


The Brno Biennale showcases the very best of graphic design.

The Brno Biennale was established in 1963, and is thus the oldest exhibition of graphic design in the world. It regularly alternates between two subjects. The 23rd year will be dedicated to graphic design, illustration and type in books, magazines, newspapers and the digital media, while the 2010 Biennale will focus on corporate, informational and advertising graphics and posters. 

Apart from the main competition show, the Brno Biennale features a specialist symposium and a number of accompanying events, thanks to which Brno becomes a major centre of contemporary graphic design for four months. 

Endorsed by ICOGRADA (International Council of Graphic Design Associations).

23rd International Biennale of Graphic Design Brno 2008 

Wink for Daub and Bauble

September 23, 2007


Wink’s challenge was to create a new brand soup to nuts (name, logo, identity, packaging system, point-of-sale, brochure, and promotional materials) for a startup line of home and hygiene products. But before they could begin, we needed to find a point-of-difference that would distinguish the product line among the, literally, hundreds (possibly thousands) of other hand soaps, lotions, and dish detergents that have oversaturated the market. The answer… “edition packaging” in which with every reprint of the labels a new pattern set is introduced. The result was a 3 limited edition patterns for 3 products with 3 fragrances.


text via:  Wink Sundries Section

Guilherne Marconi for MTV

September 21, 2007

Marconi MTV

As a fan of Marconi’s art. A mail came to me for the new motion graphic for MTV, a collaboration with Ricardo Maximom.

MTV Colors

Jasmine Raznahan

September 19, 2007


Jasmine Raznahan

COUSCOUS Kid – Mathew Thomas

September 15, 2007

couscous Kid - Mathew Thomas

Couscous Kid is the work of Mathew Thomas, illustrator and designer based in Bath, UK. Mathew’s illustrations lie somewhere between the cutting edge of the new breed in contemporary illustration and the tempting nipple of naive. Impossible to pigeon-hole, Couscous Kids’ dream-like and innocent style leads us dancing eerily among the childlike leaves we cling onto through life to a deeper and darker space. A timeless place where fantasy and fairy tale doodles combine with intrigue, mystery and sex. At first glance all is as it seems with hints of sixties abandon, but closer inspection reveals a 21st century humour and physical freedom hidden among the sublime and ridiculous forms and characters. Recently Mat has been developing his unique style of image making by working with original sketches drawn by his wife Debra whom he lives together with their 2 children. Mathew’s images find homes embodying and embracing beauty, fashion, nature, music and above all life. Investigate and explore!