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Arran Ridley

July 31, 2007

Aran Ridley

Arran escaped from UCCA in 2006 with a degree in animation. Since then he has seen his work published in Grafuck and Faesthetic with various other projects in the works. He also recently produced five animated music videos for the Glasgow based band Gay Against You. 

These DVD’s were sold on their recent tour and are sure to be collectible and valuable in the near future. Arran has an adversion to self promotion and a fear of commitment, though he is looking to rectify this. He enjoys in-jokes, awkward silences, cats, tea, football and good manners.

His main influences in his life so far have been; his family, his friends, the Beano, cartoons, numerous comic books, Tony Hart, Rolf Harris, Disney, Warner Brothers, tea, sugar, alcohol, good times and the not so good, and erotic drawings. He is still a member of the Dennis the Menace Fan Club.

 Aran Ridley 

from Dazed & Confused Digital

Luis Santi Jr.

July 30, 2007

Luis Santi

Luis Santi Jr.

Guilherme Marconi

July 24, 2007


Guilherme Marconi: Brazilian Illustrator

SHIFT 2008 Calendar Competition

July 23, 2007


Shift has been trying to offer artists many platforms to showcase their works online. The Shift calendar competition held from 2003 successively, pushes the boundaries between online and off line using a “calendar” as its medium. Entries are invited from all over the world and selected works will be distributed throughout the world in the format of a physical calendar.

 SHIFT 2008 Calendar Competition

Rune Hogsberg

July 21, 2007

Rune Hogsberg

   Rune Hogsberg’s Recent Works


July 20, 2007

Serial CutSerial Cut is a creative studio established in 1999 by Sergio del Puerto, focused on art + design + illustration.

Serial Cut